Care Coordination (Sub Contracted with Care Coordination Organization – Tri County Care)

Mercy Drive Inc. has sub contracted with Tri County Care, a Care Coordination Organization Health Home ( CCO/HH) to Provide Care Coordination Services to individuals with Intellectual and Development Disabilities.

CCO/HHs work with individuals with I/DD and their families to bring together health care and developmental disability service providers to develop an integrated Life Plan that includes developmental disability, medical, behavioral health, community and social supports, and other services. CCO/HHs will assist individuals and/or their family/representatives with accessing services that support healthy, well–rounded and fulfilling lives. The coordination of an individual’s care is done through a dedicated Care Manager who oversees and coordinates access to all services. With the consent of the individual and/or their family/representative, health records will be shared among providers to ensure the individual receives unduplicated supports and services.

At Mercy Drive Inc. we take pride in being a multi-culturally diverse agency. Mercy Drive
recognize the range of diversity within the State of New York, therefore we have a team of care Managers who is capable of delivering the Care management services to individuals and families in several languages to honor, preserve and promote the Individual’s cultural background and diversity. We have care managers who are bilingual in Spanish, Russian, French, Creole, African dialects, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Nepali, Tibetan, Garifuna Languages.